Free worldwide shipping on all orders above 299 Euros!
Free worldwide shipping on all orders above 299 Euros!
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Asa Nisi Masa is an online store for second-hand designer garments based in Berlin, Germany. Before we chose this name, we were known as "Emotional Rescue."

Our assortment of designers ranges from classic high-fashion by the likes of Tom Ford's Gucci to the "Antwerp Six" to Japanese designers like Issey Miyake  or Yohji Yamamoto. A particular focus is on Comme des Garcons and all its sub-lines as well as collaborations.

Furthermore, we also sell "Avantgarde" fashion (although we hate the term) by the usual suspects: Rick Owens, Carol Cristian Poell, Paul Harnden, etc. Furthmore, there is also always a small selection of vintage pieces for sale.

Yet, that is only a fraction of the designers we sell, so it is best if you have a look at our selection yourself!

Due to the nature of our business, our offer is constantly changing and the offered designers may vary.

Please follow us on Instagram for our latest posts regarding new pieces, promotional codes and further insights.


We add new products to our website on a weekly basis.

Most of our items are in used condition, and some will show signs of wear. Please see the item's condition as detailed in the description and note any defects shown in pictures of the items. Due to different screens, the colour of the product might slightly differ from the online image. If there are any questions, please get in touch with us before your purchase.

For the rare instance that an item should not be as described, please don't hesitate to contact us in a timely manner. We can offer you a discount on future purchases, a refund or a different solution, but we can promise that we will find one.

We do not believe in stating the condition of a piece in numbers. Therefore we use a system of words:
Brand new with tags
New without tags
Very good: an Item was worn but is still in excellent condition without flaws or only with irrelevant flaws
Good: there are some flaws (always explicitly stated) and general signs of wear.
Fair: there are more significant and more noticeable flaws that affect the value of a piece

We store all our products appropriately, meaning knits are only on hangers for pictures, blazers are hung on fitting wood hangers and every piece has enough space to breathe.

We guarantee the authenticity of all our products.


There are measurements on all of our products. We believe that this is the best way of finding a fitting garment. We know that it is not ideal and that the experience of trying on a garment is irreplaceable. However, comparing measurements is still the most accurate way. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly assist you in finding the perfect size.
We always provide the size stated on the garment's tags (at least if there is one). However, we also give the size it fits like. This indication is the one you should be looking for. So, for example, if a Raf Simons T-Shirt is a size XL and we say it fits like an S, you can assume that it will indeed fit like a small.

Why we do not take fit pics:
From our experience, fit pics do not help to find a suitable size. They often bring more confusion than clarity since a body is always different from another. Therefore we do not provide any fit pics.

How we measure our garments:
We lay the garment absolutely flat on a flat surface. We use a measuring tape as it is more accurate than a measuring stick. We advise you to measure your garments the same way we do and then compare the measures you took.
This way, one will achieve the best results.

All our measurements are approximate and can vary by 1cm.

Appointments in Berlin

We are an online business. However, a physical appointment in Berlin is possible. We are happy to see you in person! If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form, Instagram or email.

Additional services

If you are interested in renting out some of our products for sale or something from our personal collection, please get in touch with us.

We offer rentals for various purposes such as magazines, music videos, professional stylings or photoshoots in general.

We are buying!

We are constantly buying all designers we usually offer and everything that fits our style. Contact us via phone, email, Instagram or the contact page for a simple and easy procedure!

We are especially interested in more extensive collections and we have a personal interest in Thom Browne and Comme des Garcons.

We sometimes accept trades. If a garment caught your interest and you have an equivalent piece to trade, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We also accept consignments. Please get in touch if you are interested.